How To Avoid Buyer’s Remorse When Purchasing A Home

April 20th, 2015

The house looks amazing in pictures, but in person it’s even better. It’s perfect, a modern home with those sleek stainless steel appliances, a beautiful hardwood and even the paint colours are perfect. Not only that but this house is twice as big as your last one, there’s a generously sized back yard and a […]


Adding Emotion To Your Listings

March 23rd, 2015

Our last blog post introduced our new quadcopter with an emphasis on inspiring emotions. This week we wanted to delve a little deeper into the concept of selling emotions with some samples to help guide you. People buy emotions, not products. Text heavy magazine ads of the past have been replaced with large photos of breathtaking locations […]


Inspire Emotion: Aerial Video + Photos

March 5th, 2015

Emotions sell homes, not features. A listing description is abstract to a buyer who has been looking at hundreds of listings every day, day after day. A few square feet here, a nicer chandelier there, proximity to a school at house A, proximity to a lake at house B. They’re all great features, but buyers […]


Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos

February 26th, 2015

I get asked almost every day by realtors and homeowners what kind of gear I’m using. Most want to know what brand of camera I have, or what lens is used to capture those large spaces in a single frame. Although there’s much more to real estate photography than just the gear, it is undeniably one […]


Does Your Listing Look Dated?

December 19th, 2014

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas has turned our homes into magical holiday wonderlands with twinkling lights, christmas trees and the sweet smell of gingerbread. Those brave enough to take on the holiday season and the stress of moving at the same time are in for an extra challenge however.     Every […]



December 12th, 2014

Every day we photograph, measure and market some of Western Canada’s most beautiful homes. We see everything from multi-million dollar waterfront extravaganzas to quirky apartments in trendy neighbourhoods. It seems like a waste not to post some of our favorite shots of what we consider inspirational spaces here on our blog. This month we’ve chosen […]


Tomorrow’s Technology Today

December 4th, 2014

New technology excites us, and it should excite you too! Programmers and engineers are constantly releasing new products, new software and new ways to solve yesterday’s problems. All this progress isn’t easy to keep track of however. With the thousands of releases every month it can be hard to know what is worth your time […]


A Thousand New Clients Are Waiting In Your Pocket Right Now

November 27th, 2014

Tweet, update your Facebook status, post a picture on Instagram #bestblogever then come back and finish reading this. Done? Great. If not, you have work to do, but not as much as you might think. Social networking is one of the most misunderstood tools in business and it simply doesn’t have to be that way. […]


Why Floor Plans Should Be A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

November 21st, 2014

5 minutes searching for homes online and you will see just how drastically realtors differ in their marketing approach. From realtor to realtor listings can look completely different for infinite reasons. There are some pieces of a listing, however,  that shouldn’t be susceptible to the whim of a real estate agent. High quality photos is […]


Common Real Estate Marketing Misconceptions

November 7th, 2014

There is a wealth of information available online regarding real estate marketing. Realtors© all have different ideas of what sells and what doesn’t sell, what draws in clients and what pushes them away. In a sense, the overwhelming amount of information, tips and tricks are a great resource, but sometimes misconceptions get mixed in with the […]


5 Reasons Every Realtor Needs A Good Website

October 30th, 2014

It’s easy to be intimidated by today’s technological overload. As a real estate agent there are infinite ways to market yourself online, new sites and networks constantly being developed, making it harder and harder to keep up with your online self. It’s easy to just shy away from it all and write off this new […]


NEW 3D Immersive Tours

October 23rd, 2014

The real estate industry is constantly evolving. New technology brings along new ways of doing business and interacting with clients. This week we are introducing the biggest breakthrough technology in real estate marketing since the digital photograph, and it’s available right now. Our new 3D Immersive Tours are virtual walk-throughs where clients can finally explore a property in […]