May 16th, 2018

First, are you setting them?

If you’re not setting sales targets for yourself, how are you going to grow your business? It doesn’t matter if it’s currently a side hustle, or a fledgling business every single business must plan to grow.

And in order to do that effectively, you need to have targets.

Once you have targets you can put steps in place to reach them. It probably goes without saying, but you should set targets that are achievable.

You don’t want to make them easy – stretching yourself and your team is good – but you do want them to be attainable. You need to be able to stop and congratulate yourself on your achievements.

Everyone needs recognition for a job well done, even if they congratulate themselves. It’s how we gain satisfaction.

So if you haven’t started doing it already, start now. Set yourself an achievable target for the end of this month.

Then start setting targets you build on. Maybe this month you’ll aim to get one more listing.

Next month you can aim to get more listings than this month (be specific about how many more!), and you can set yourself sales targets too.

Now that you have a target, here are some strategies to help you achieve them.

Tips to Smash Your Sales Targets Every Single Month



Set New Records

Here’s the thing that nobody tells you. Sales isn’t hard.

It requires consistent effort, a strategy, good processes and a positive outlook. OK, these days you need a little digital help too.

A great website and a strong online presence are essential. But you don’t have to do that yourself – you can hire an expert.

What you need to do is look after yourself. You are your biggest and best business asset and you need to be in top shape!

Then you need to start helping people, rather than selling to them. This builds fans, instead of customers.

And fans are not only excited to work with you, they tell everyone they know how great you are. They also share what great value they got when they worked with you.

They become a mini marketing machine that sends you loads of warm leads. And that helps you smash your sales targets next month.

That’s right. This stuff has a snowball effect.

So go and start building your snowball. It might be spring, but the time to start is now.