A.V. Sayson Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Aaron Best Coronet Realty Ltd
Abraham Yung Presidio Professional R.E.S.
Ada Chan Evergreen West Realty
Ada Tse Multiple Realty Ltd.(Rhmd)
Ada Condos Tse Multiple Realty Ltd.(Rhmd)
Adam Jauhari Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Adam Scalena Century 21 In Town Realty
Adam Wahed Re/Max Metro Realty
Adan Sprauer Multiple Realty Ltd.
Adil Dinani Royal LePage Coronation West
Adriaan Schipper PREC and Ryan Kubeska RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside)
Adrian Aldous RE/MAX Crest Realty
Adrian Vekic Park Georgia Realty Ltd.(Coq)
Affinity Group Affinity Group - Sutton West Coast Realty
Aislynn R. Radley PREC* Coldwell Banker Westburn Rlty.
Akash Sidhu Sutton Grp West Coast (VanCam)
Alan Hooper Coldwell Banker Premier Realty
Alan Au/ Liana Yap Sutton Group West Coast
Albert Gilmer RE/MAX Crest Westside (VanW7)
Alberta Rose RE/MAX Select Realty
Alex Collins Prompton Real Estate Services Inc.
Alex Roy RE/MAX Jazz Inc.
Ali Nobari Multiple Realty Ltd.
Alice Ko Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Alice Ling-Yin Chiu Royal Pacific Rlty. (Kingsway)
Alice Ristak Royal LePage Sussex (W Van)
Alice Wu Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Alisa Sakamoto RE/MAX Westcoast
Alka Patel Macdonald Realty
Allen Yang Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Amar Pal Oakwyn Realty Ltd
Ameer Kassam Amex Fraseridge Realty
Amos Yang RE/MAX Westcoast
Amrik Cheema Century 21 Coastal Realty
Amy Chan Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Amy Lai Royal Pacific Realty
Amy Lu Sutton West Coast Realty
Amy Sun Re/max Real Estate Services
Anca White Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Anders Falk Oakwyn Realty
Andrea Chu RE/MAX Westcoast
Andrea Hartley RE/MAX Select Realty
Andrea Maharaj Macdonald Realty Westmar
Andrea Thiessen Sutton Group West Coast
Andrew Dunn AWM-Alliance Real Estate Group
Andrew M. Hasman RE/MAX Andrew Hasman
Andrew Storey Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Andrew Wolf RE/MAX Select Properties
Andy Lee Sutton Toplinks Realty
Angel Shih *PREC Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Angela Le (M.Sc) Sutton Grp West Coast (Van49)
Angelina Lin Homeland Realty
Angie Sun Royal Pacific Riverside Realty
Angie Tsai E-CASA Realty Corp.
Ania Boddy Engel & Völkers Vancouver
Anibal Rodrigues & Rui Torneiro SUTTON GROUP CANWEST
Anna Asi Royal LePage City Centre
Anna Maria McClenaghan Multiple Realty Ltd.
Anne Andrew *PREC Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Anne Wei *PREC Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Anne Wingfield Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Annette Denk Team 3000 Realty West Vancouver
Annie Zhang New Stream Realty Inc.
Anthony Kuschak Sutton Grp-West Coast (Brdwy)
Antonia Tong *PREC Sutton Group-West Coast
April Youn Team 3000 Realty Ltd. (Coq)
Ariane Benjamin RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Asther Wong Team 3000 Realty Ltd. (Van)
Austin Kay RE/MAX Austin Kay Realty
B.J. Ng Sutton Group Westcoast
Babita Kumari Team 3000
Balance Group -Allyson, Brenda, Marj & Deborah Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Baljit Kainth & Prateek Kainth Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Barry Chreptyk Sutton Group - Seafair (Del)
Behfuruz Afshari Evergreen West Realty
Ben Amzaleg PREC* Westbank Pacific Realty Corp.
Ben Yao Regent Park Realty
Bernadette Dunnigan RE/MAX Masters Realty
Bernie Doyle RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Berry Muis Remax West Coast
Beth Connelly RE/MAX Advantage Realty
Betty Hsiao Amex - Sunrich Realty
Betty Luong Sutton Westcoast
Betty Anne Tarini Baxter and Associates Real Estate Services
Bev Currie Sutton Group - West Coast Realty
Beverly Richardson Sutton Group-West Coast Rlty
Bharat Panchal Sutton Group-Medallion Realty
Bhupinder S. Litt Royal Group-Tapestry Rlty Ltd.
Bill Marler RE/MAX Select Realty
Bill Yang PREC* Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Blair Smith Royal LePage Sussex - City Centre
Blu Realty Blu Realty
Bob Moore Dexter Associates Realty
Bobbie Blair Prudential Power Play Realty
Brad Leslie RE/MAX Real Estate Services Oakridge
Brad Nelson RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty
Brandan Price Rennie and Associates Realty
Brandon Crichton VPG Realty Inc.
Brent Arnold HomeLife Benchmark Realty (Cloverdale) Corp.
Brent Lewis Re/max Crest Westside
Breton Lee and Lan Hoang Royal Pacific Realty
Brian A. Street RE/MAX Crest Westside (VanBch)
Brian Higgins *PREC Prompton Real Estate Services
Brian Suico Sutton Grp West Coast (Van49)
Brian Elsey PREC* & Harry Ratchford *PREC AMEX Broadway West Realty
Brian J White Bay Realty
Calin Ambrus AWM Alliance Real Estate Group Ltd.
Cameron Armstrong Macdonald Realty Ltd (NVan)
Cameron Park Amex Broadway West Realty
Candace Cappellaro Royal LePage - Sterling Realty
Candace Filipponi Dexter Associates Realty
Carl Chu. RE/MAX Westcoast *PREC RE/MAX Westcoast
Carlo Donetti Sutton Group Delmar Realty
Carly Sameshima Macdonald Realty (Kerrisdale)
Carmen Tsang *PREC Macdonald Realty Westmar
Carol Tan Royal Pacific Rlty. (Kingsway)
Carole Dandurand Century 21 In Town Realty
Carolyn Cowe Royal LePage West Real Estate Services
Carolyn Elsey Royal LePage Sussex (WVan)
Carrie Shaw Multiple Group Quay Shore Realty
Cecile Anctil Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Charles Bilash Sunnus Properties
Charles Cameron PREC* Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Charlie Kim *PREC Rennie & Associates Realty
Charmaine Guo Luxmore Realty
Chela Cannon Coldwell Banker Premier Realty
Cherry Yeung Sutton Grp West Coast (Van49)
Cheryl Angst Keller Williams Elite
Cheryl Bobbie YEGPro Realty
Cheryl Davie RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Cheryl Solomon New Asia Realty
Cheryl Steer Macdonald Realty Kerrisdale
Chris A. Krembenios Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Chris Di Fazio Oakwyn Realty
Chris Neyedli Keller Williams Elite Realty
Chris Radosevic Vancouver Property Group Realty
Chris T. Tsoromocos PREC* TRG-The Residential Group Rlty
Chris Spotzl and Marcus Maia Dexter Associates Realty
Christian Butzek RE/MAX Crest Westside
Christina Chan Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Christine Filer Macdonald Realty
Christine Saulnier Dexter Associates Realty
Christopher J. Neely RE/MAX All Points Realty Grp.
Chung Tai (Angelo) Wang Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Cindy Paddington RE/MAX All Points Realty Grp.
Cindy Pau RE/MAX City Realty
Cindy Stanley Engel & Völkers Vancouver, Canada
Cindy Zhang *PREC RE/MAX Central
Clair Rockel, Dayna Wosk, Marnie Quarry Macdonald Realty Kerrisdale
Clairy Yang Sutton Select Property Management
Claudia Jang Royal Pacific Realty - Oakridge
Colin Colpitts *PREC Macdonald Realty Ltd (Coq)
Colin Cuccione Century 21 In Town Realty
Colin Doig *PREC RE/MAX Crest Westside (VanW7)
Colin O Vendargon Royal LePage Sussex
Colleen Almrud Re/Max Progroup Realty
Connie M. Buna Macdonald Realty [VanMn]
Corina Marin Prompton Real Estate Serv.Inc.
Cory O'Brien Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Courtenay Edwardes RE/MAX Advantage Realty
Craig Bahrey macdonald realty
Craig & Terrence Clark RE/MAX CREST REALTY
Cristian Riquelme Century 21 Coastal Realty Ltd.
Cynthia Mackenzie Re/Max Professionals
Cynthina Lo Royal LePage Sussex
Dal Sandhu Sutton Premier Realty
Dale Mounzer Macdonald Realty
Dale Schreyer Remax Crest
Dan Miller Sutton West Coast Realty
Dan Miller Sutton West Coast Realty
Dan Sandhu Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Dana Inman PREC* Angell Hasman & Assoc.Rlty.Ltd
Daniel Card Macdonald Realty Ltd. (Coq)
Daniel John Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Danielle Derby Hugh & McKinnon Realty Ltd.
Danny Mykecey Dexter Associates Realty
Danny Nikas Macdonald Realty Ltd
Darlene Lenfesty RE/MAX Central
Darrell Pernisie RE/MAX Real Estate Services
Darshak Tailor Amex Fraseridge Realty
Darshan Brar - Sutton Sutton Centre Realty (Bby)
Daryl Hoffman RE/MAX Crest Realty
Dave Jarvis Royal LePage Wolstencroft
Dave Sidhu Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Dave Van Hoeke RE/MAX Westcoast Steveston Real Estate
David Brock Macdonald Realty
David Campbell RE/MAX David Campbell Realty
David Caron Macdonald Realty Ltd.
David Crawford Re/max City Realty
David Evans Re/Max Colonial Realty
David Matiru VPG Realty
David Song Royal Pacific Rlty. (Kingsway)
David Tang Re/Max Metro Realty
David & Andrea Thon Macdonald Realty
David Lai & Associates Royal Pacific Realty Corporation
David R. Lamb Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
David Richardson & Sarah Starling RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Dawar Zada RE/MAX All Points Realty Grp.
Dean Bauck *PREC Royal LePage Regency Realty LTD
Dean Liu Royal Pacific Realty
Deanna Lawrence Oakwyn Realty Ltd.
Debbie Erhardt Macdonald Realty Kerrisdale
Deborah Silverman Macdonald Realty Westmar
Deborah Stellingwerff Macdonald Realty
Debra Harbaruk RE/MAX City Realty
Debra Porteous RE/MAX Masters Realty
Deepak Jagpal SRS Westside Realty
Denise Lo Sutton Grp West Coast (VanCam)
Dennis Cha Hanna Realty Ltd.
Denny Fok Regent Park Fairchild Rlty Inc
Dereck Griffin New Coast Realty
Derek Fairbrother Hugh & McKinnon Realty Ltd.
Derek Turci Re/Max Metro Realty
Derrick Brown Dan Skalnik Coldwell Banker Westburn Rlty.
Diane Zhang Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Dianne Grendovich RE/MAX City Realty
Dianne Moscrip Re/max Advantage
Diego Molero Team 3000 Realty Ltd. (Van)
Dina Hingston Macdonald Realty Ltd. West Vancouver
Dina Pettenon Sutton Group - West Coast Realty (Kerrisdale)
Don Cho Regent Park Realty Inc.
Don Urquhart Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Donna Hetherington RE/MAX Results Realty (MplRdg)
Donna Tays Remax Advantage
Doris Leung PREC* Magsen Realty Inc.
Doug Maclennan *PREC Dexter Associates Realty
Doug Stranberg Macdonald Realty Westmar
Doug Taylor Sutton Group-West Coast Rlty
Doug & Krista Gilbert ReMax Treeland Realty
Douglas J. Atkinson Century 21 In Town Realty
Dustin Wang Nu Stream Realty Inc.
Edward Tong Sutton Maple Pacific Realty
Eileen Cheng Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Eleen Chung Macdonald Realty Westmar
Elena Chepil Century 21 In Town Realty
Elena Nevzorova Sutton Premier
Elisabeth Radcliffe & Lori Hemer RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Elise Weatherby Keller Williams Black Diamond Realty
Elisha Sander Oakwyn Realty Ltd.
Elizabeth Campbell Wride Dexter Associates Realty - Kerrisdale
Elizabeth Clay Emerge Realty Corp. (Van)
Elizabeth McQueen RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Ella Dreyshner Macdonald Realty
Ellen Chiang Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Ellen Fang The Real Estate Professionals Inc.
Ellen X. Guan Luxmore Realty
Elliot Drobner Royal LePage Westside
Emily Ching Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Emily Lim Re/Max Crest Realty Westside
Emily Paisley *PREC Homeland Realty
Emily Zhou RE/MAX All Points Realty Grp.
Emily Zhu Regent Park Realty Inc.
Emina Dervisevic Dexter Associates RealtyVanHmr
Emmanuel Lemal Coldwell Banker Premier Realty
Emmery Leung B.A. Homeland Realty
Eni Mece Sutton Group West Coast (Van49)
Ephia Hu Oakwyn Realty Ltd.
Eric Coulombe infinite real estate
Eric Grant Century 21 In Town Realty
Eric Ho *PREC Vancouver Home Park Realty Limited
Erica Chang RE/MAX Select Realty
Erica Rendell Remax Crest Realty Westside
Esther Twerdochlib Dexter Associates Realty
Ethan Hekim RE/MAX All Points Realty
Eugene Oh Coldwell Banker Vantage Realty
Eva Roberts Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Evan Ho RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Evelyn Froese Royal LePage Westside
EVELYN SONMEZ Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Fabian Gujral TRG-The Residential Group Rlty
Farin Fasihi Prompton Real Estate Services INC
Fary Mohajer Team 3000 Realty Ltd. (Bby)
Faye Erbe TRG Realty
Fernando Moretti Multiple Realty Ltd.
Fioretta Wilinofsky and Christopher Rivers Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Forouzan Sotoudeh RE/MAX Masters Realty
Frances Li RE/MAX Westcoast
Francesco De Frenza Sutton Centre Realty
Francine Legault Remax Central (North)
Francis Piché Century 21 - In Town Realty
Frank Becir Royal Lepage Regency Realty
Frank Ip Macdonald Realty Westmar
Frank Yu RE/MAX Westcoast
Frank Zhou Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Fraser Elliott *PREC RE/MAX Progroup Realty (Del)
Gabriel Clark Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Gaëtan Kill Engel & Völkers Vancouver
Gail Conzatti Park Georgia Realty Ltd.(Coq)
Gale Liebert Royal LePage Sussex
Garry Gu Pacific Place - Arc Realty Ltd
Gary Born Royal LePage Sussex - Gary Born
Gary Cummings Landmark Realty Chilliwack Ltd
Gary Geng PREC* Regent Park Realty Inc.
Gary Sidhu Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Gary Wells Royal LePage - Westside
Gary & Lana Shepherd *PREC RE/MAX 2000 Realty
Gavin D. Hughes Royal LePage Sussex
George Deol Team 3000 Realty Ltd
George Ma Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
George Taraviras Remax Central
George Winkler Amex Realty
George Xia Remax Crest Realty Westside
Georgina Wong HomeLand Realty
Gina Fraser RE/MAX Crest Westside
Gina Nicolaas Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Glenn Tomlinson Macdonald Realty
Goran Bucan Sutton West Coast Realty
Gord Allan Re/Max All Points
Gordon Ferguson Coldwell Banker Westburn Rlty.
Gorka Zabala Coldwell Banker Premier Realty
Grace Wang Rennie and Associates Realty
Grady Harris The Harris Group
Greg Gaev Homeland Realty
Greg Laba Royal LePage Sussex
Greg Paddy VPG Realty Inc
Gregg Baker Engel & Völkers Vancouver
Guang Hui Lu New Coast Realty
Gurcharan Minhas Century 21 Coastal Realty Ltd.
Gurdial S. (Dale) Badh RE/MAX Real Estate Services
Gurpreet Singh Chhina Sutton - Premier Realty
Guy Christie Sutton Grp-West Coast
Haley MacDougall Sutton West Coast Realty
Hammer & Watkinson RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside)
Hanson Lu PREC* Rennie & Associates Realty
Hanson Wang *PREC Royal Pacific Realty
Harald Hubner CIR REALTY
Harb Mann MV Homes
Harp Lalli Sutton Grp West Coast (Van49)
Harvey Randhawa Re/Max Performance Realty
Heather Forman Icon Marketing Inc.
Heidi Skene Engel & Völkers
Helen GAO *PREC RE/MAX Select Properties
Helen Grant RE/MAX Crest North Vancouver
Helen Lam Personal Real Estate Corporation *PREC RE/MAX CITY REALTY
Henrietta Tan Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Henry Shao New World Realty Ltd
Henry Wu Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Holly Wood Sotheby's International Realty Canada
Holsen Chang Rennie & Associates Realty
Hong Lang Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Hooman Bozorgnia Royal LePage Sussex
Houtan Khorrami Sutton Group-West Coast Rlty
Howard Hung Remax Select Properties
Hugh Cooper VPG Realty
Hugh E. McNeill Coldwell Banker Westburn Rlty.
Hung Dang *PREC Magsen Realty Inc.
Iain Edmonds RLP Sussex - Iain Edmonds
Ian Fang PREC* Magsen Realty Inc.
Ian Tang Oakwyn Realty
Imran Ali Sutton Grp West Coast (VanCam)
Inderjit Dulay Sutton Group Seafair Realty
Irene Mandzuk Royal LePage Sussex (WV 2407)
Irene Wang *PREC Royal Pacific Realty
Irene Y. Ho PREC* Macdonald Realty Westmar
Iryna Antipova Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Iryna Slobodyanyuk Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Isaac Chen Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Isabella Leung PREC* Multiple Realty Ltd.(Rhmd)
Ivan Tseng RE/MAX Westcoast
Jack Tsai Sutton West Coast Realty (Van49)
Jackie Lauder Sutton Seafair Realty
Jackson Ding *PREC Pacific Place - Arc Realty Ltd
Jacky Tang Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Jacob Boshoff Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Jacquie Wilson RE/MAX Crest Realty
Jade Shen *PREC Royal Pacific Realty
Jamal Harb Selmak Realty Limited
James Boyle RE/MAX Select Properties
James Carpenter *PREC RE/MAX Select Properties
James Chang Royal Pacific Realty Inc
James Garbutt *PREC Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
James Hau Dexter Associates Realty
James Hou Infinite Real Estate Services
James Kask Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
James Smith RE/MAX Masters Realty
James Wong *PREC Multiple Realty Ltd
Jamie Hooper RE/MAX Crest Realty
Jamie MacDougall *PREC Engel & Völkers
Jamie R. Wegner Engel & Völkers Vancouver
Jamie Stewart *PREC RE/MAX Crest Westside (Macdonald)
Jamil Jutha Team 3000 realty
Jan Poepl RE/MAX Central
Janet Forrester Magnum Projects
Janet Lu Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Janet St. Onge CIR REALTY
Janet Preston/ John (J.R.) Rogers DISCOVER REAL ESTATE LTD.
Janice Zhang Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Jas Sandher RE/MAX All Points Realty
Jason Cheung Sutton WestCoast Realty
Jason Fan Sutton Group West Coast
Jason Gertner Sutton Group - West Coast Realty
Jason Gu RE/MAX Cental
Jason Liu Luxmore Realty
Jason Low Macdonald Realty Ltd. (Kerrisdale)
Jason Low Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Jason To RE/MAX City Realty
Jason Weinman Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Jason Wu Century 21 In Town Realty
Jason Yoo Inspire Group / Kore Realty
Jason G. Lee Hanna Realty Ltd.
Jasper Yung Personal Real Estate Corp. Macdonald Realty Westmar
Jasper Zhang Amex Sunridge
Jay Chen Sutton Grp-West Coast Rty WVan
Jay Choi Royal Pacific Tri-Cities Rlty
Jay Gulbransen Homeland Realty
Jay McInnes Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Jay Sidhu Coldwell Banker- Vantage Realty
Jayson Hutchison Macdonald Realty Ltd. (Van)
Jeff Fitzpatrick Sotheby's Realty
Jeff Poh brentwoodliving Coldwell Banker Westburn Realty
Jeff Poh New Coldwell Banker Westburn Realty
Jelena Zhang Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Jennifer Adams RE/MAX Westcoast
Jennifer DiPietra Macdonald Realty
Jennifer Hickey Royalty Group Realty
Jennifer L. Quart RE/MAX Westcoast
Jennifer McIver RE/MAX Progroup Realty (Del)
Jennifer Shi RE/MAX Masters Realty
Jenny He Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Jenny Wu PREC* Homeland Realty
Jenny Wun *PREC KORE Realty
Jeremy Hsu Multiple Realty Ltd. Richmond
Jerry Liang Royal Pacific Tri-Cities Rlty
Jess Baxter *PREC RE/MAX Westcoast
Jesse Dean Cook Angell Hasman & Assoc.Rlty.Ltd
Jessica M Hamilton CIR REALTY
jessica miller Sutton center realty
Jessica Smith RE/MAX Crest Realty.
Jessie Kandola Macdonald Realty [VanMn]
Jessy Grewal PREC* Royal Pacific Riverside Realty
Jill Hannan RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside)
Jim Chen RE/MAX Masters Realty
Jim Slinn Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Jimmy Ng PREC* Re/Max Metro Realty
Jin Kim Mulltiple Realty
Jin and Sam Bagry RE/MAX City Realty
JJ Lu Coldwell Banker Westburn Rlty.
Joan Stewart-Gay Remax Crest Realty
Joanne Jonathan Magsen Realty
Joanne McCrone Royal LePage Sterling Realty
Jodie Graham RE/MAX Crest Westside
Joe Chiang Macdonald Realty Ltd. (Van)
Joe Fayner Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Joe Parente Remax City
Joel Korn Sutton West Coast Broadway
Johanna Geffke Royal Lepage Regency Realty Ltd
Johanna Osato Sutton West Coast - North Vancouver
John Bleuler Royal LePage Northshore
John Buchanan Royal LePage Sussex
John Dean Engel & Völkers Vancouver
John Gan Keller Williams Black Diamond
John Jennings Royal LePage Sussex
John Kemp Keller Williams Elite Realty
John Lu Magsen Realty Inc.
John Panrucker Sutton Group - 1st West Realty
John Powers Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
John Ryan Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
John Zhou Dexter Associates Realty
John Zhou Dexter Associates Realty
John/Robert Samus Coldwell Banker Vantage Realty
Johnny Zhao Nu Stream Realty Inc.
Jonathan Goodwill Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Jonathan Lu PREC* Keller Williams Black Diamond
Jordan Ross Oakwyn Realty Ltd.
Joseph Chang Kore Realty
Joseph Lee RE/MAX Masters Realty
Joseph Leong PREC* *PREC RE/MAX Crest Westside (VanW7)
Joseph Megas RE/MAX Crest Realty
Joyee Ng Pacific Place - Arc Realty Ltd
Judith Adamick Sutton Group - West Coast Realty
Judy Killeen *PREC Sutton Group - West Coast Realty
Judy Wong Macdonald Realty
Julia Gong PREC* Magsen Realty Inc.
Julia Zhou *PREC Royal Pacific Realty Tri-Cities Realty
Juliana Jiao Macdonald Realty Ltd
Jun Gonzaga PREC* RE/MAX City Realty
Jun Wang Royal Pacific Realty
Jun Zi Interlink Realty
Jun (Carlos) Morales Royal Pacific Rlty. (Kingsway)
June Warkentin Park Georgia Realty
Junwoo Park Hanna Realty
Justin Leigh Re/Max Select Realty
Kah Eng Koh Team 3000 Realty Ltd
Kale Martin Oakwyn Realty
Kamran Tafakori Sutton West Coast Realty
Kane Schutz Sutton Group - West Coast Realty
Karen Nguyen PREC* *PREC Keller Williams Black Diamond Realty
Karen Nguyen PREC* Georgia Pacific Realty
Karen Woo KAP Management Ltd.
Karim Virani Virani International Holdings Inc.
Karin Davidson Sutton West Coast
Karley Rice Macdonald Realty
Karpal Aujla Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Kasha Riddle *PREC RE/MAX Crest Realty
Katayoon Webb RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside)
Kate Macphail Royal LePage Sussex
Katherine Chan Sison Oakwyn Realty Ltd.
Kathie Clarkson Team 3000
Kathrine Light Dexter Associates Realty
Kathryn Lester Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Kathy Plante Sutton West Coast Realty
Kathy Stilwell Sutton Grp-West Coast (Brdwy)
Kayvon Seyedi Royal LePage Sussex
Keith Bowker RE/MAX Masters Realty
Keith Finney PREC* RE/MAX Masters Realty
Keith Pulling Prompton Real Estate Serv.Inc.
Keith Strang Remax Central
Kelsey Lynch Dexter Associates Realty
Kelvin Luk Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Ken Dixon Team 3000 Realty
Ken Hunter Royal Lepage Wolstencroft
Ken Leong RE/MAX Ken Leong
Ken Phuah Sutton Group - West Coast Realty
Ken Wang Sincere Real Estate Services
Kenny Kung *PREC Homeland Realty
Kevin Banno Dexter Associates Yaletown
Kevin C, MB, ba, bba Georgia Pacific Realty Corporation
Kevin Ershad *PREC Re/Max Crest Realty Westside
Kevin Jiang Royal Pacific Realty
Kevin Lai Royal Pacific Riverside Reality
Kevin Wong Sutton Grp West Coast (VanCam)
Kevin Xiao Amex Broadway West Realty
Kevin Yu Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Kia Afshar Amex Broadway West Realty
Kim Cheng Coldwell Banker Westburn Realty
Kirk Chang Magsen Realty
Kitty van der Meer Sutton - West Coast Realty
Kouros Pezesh Royal LePage Sussex
Kris Kereluk Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Kris Pope *PREC Dexter Associates Realty
Kris Richardson Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Krista Sojka RE/MAX All Points Realty Grp.
Krysti Phillips RE/MAX Jazz Inc. Brokerage
Kulbir Dhaliwal Century 21 Coastal Realty Ltd.
Kully Mann Multiple Realty Ltd.(Rhmd)
Kulvir Sahota Planet Group Realty Inc.
Kunaal Rishi Homeland Realty
Kyla Gardiner Royal LePage Sussex
Kyle Roman Re/Max Crest Realty Westside
Lai-Wang Chow Amex - Sunrich Realty
Lara Davis Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Lara Regan Royal LePage Sussex
Larry and Beth Quan Sutton - Centre Realty
LaShaun Andrews Aztec Real Estate Inc.
Laura Morrison Royal Lepage Sussex
Laura-Leah Shaw RE/MAX Crest Westside
Laurel Qiu *PREC Royal LePage Sussex
Lauren Moon Personal Real Estate Corporation *PREC Royal LePage Sussex
Leigh Cao Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Leigh Freeman Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Leilani Fong Sutton Grp-West Coast (Brdwy)
Lena Xu *PREC RE/MAX Colonial Pacific
Leo Savino Rennie & Associates Realty
Leo Wilk TAC Real Estate
Leo K. Liu *PREC New Coast Realty
Leo Zheng and Sophia Zhou PREC *PREC Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Les Twarog & Sonja Pederson RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside)
Leslee Cooper Re/Max Crest Realty Westside
Leslie Cannon RE/MAX Crest Westside
Leslie Connolly Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Leslie Gray KORE Realty
Lili Marchenski Royal LePage
Lily Ludwig TRG-The Residential Group Rlty
Lily Zhong Re/Max West Coast
Linda Hale Dexter Realty
Linda Hromada Coldwell Banker Premier Realty
Linda Jinks Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Linda Kang Rennie & Associates Realty
Linda Woo RE/MAX Real Estate Services
Ling Ling Hou Sutton Grp-West Coast (w.blvd)
Lisa Seto Regent Park Realty Inc.
Livia McCabe & Brendan Hughes RE/MAX REAL ESTATE (CENTRAL)
Liyan Ouyang Homeland Realty
Local Living Keller Williams
Lorne Goldman Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Louise Wingert Prudential United
Lucie Ingoldby Macdonald Realty
Luigi Federico Sutton Grp-West Coast (Brdwy)
Luise DiPietrantonio Sutton Grp-West Coast (Brdwy)
Lynda Terborg RE/MAX Westcoast
Lynn Nguyen RE/MAX City Realty
Lynn Sakai-Boden *PREC RE/MAX Westcoast Steveston Real Estate
Mabel Ko RE/MAX City Realty
Maggi & Max Thornhill Thornhill Real Estate Group
Maggie Chan Sutton Group West Coast
Maggie Chandler Chandler Realty Ltd.
Mandip Bumbrah Macdonald Realty
Manpreet Ladhar Sutton Grp West Coast (VanCam)
Marc Mital Sutton Group-Medallion Realty
Marc Haslam Personal Real Estate Corp Royal LePage Sussex
Marcus Backun Remax Westcoast
Marelynn Harowitz Macdonald Realty Westmar
Maria Senajova RE/MAX Crest Westside
Marianne Povey *PREC Royal LePage Sussex
Marie Yngson Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Marija Stanojevic Prompton Real Estate Serv.Inc.
Mariko Baerg Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Mark Gomes RE/MAX Crest Westside (VanW7)
Mark Rosenberg Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Mark Stephenson, MBA *PREC Royal LePage Sussex
Mark & Eric Rasmussen Sutton Group - West Coast Realty
Marlee Tecks Remax - West Coast
Marlon Pradana Keller Williams Black Diamond
Marni Tritt & Shannon Ezekiel Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Mary Kowal Royal Lepage Westside
Mary-Jo Braid & Jonathan Yu Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Masei Tabei Royal Pacific
Matt Pozer Century 21- In Town Realty
Matt Scalena Century 21 In Town Realty
Matthew Anderson RE/MAX Select Realty
Maureen Barnes Royal LePage - Westside
Maureen Bellinger Macdonald Realty Ltd.
May Lau Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Megan King Dexter Associates Realty
Meghan Bowie RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Melissa Dhuu Top Vision Realty
Melissa Wu Keller Williams Black Diamond Realty
Michael A. Lepore Royal LePage Sussex
Michael Bertrand Royal LePage - Westside
Michael Chan Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Michael Chiang Sutton West Coast Realty
Michael Dowling *PREC Re/Max Crest Realty (Westside)
Michael Gibson RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside)
Michael Kuramoto Kore Realty
Michael McCafferty CIR REALTY
Michael Sinenko Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Michael Wilcox PREC* Royal LePage Sussex (Van)
Michael J. Chiu Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Michele Collins Royal LePage Sussex
Michele Laurent RE/MAX Real Estate Services
Michelle Comens *PREC RE/MAX Crest Realty West Side
Michelle Harrison Royal LePage Northstar
Michelle Porter *PREC Sutton West Coast Realty
Michelle Power Sutton Group Quantum Realty Inc., Brokerage
MICHELLE TENORIO Amex - Fraseridge Realty
Michelle Yu *PREC RE/MAX Real Estate Services
Michelle Eldjarnson & Doug & Marjorie McKay RE/MAX REAL ESTATE ADVOCATES
Mike G. Chen *PREC Royal Pacific Tri-Cities Rlty
Mike Rampf PREC & Shawn Anderson PREC *PREC RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Min Hua Multiple Realty
Min Kim royal pacific realty corp.
Mirko Simovic Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Mitra Saberi Evergreen West Realty
MJ Ankenman Georgia Pacific Realty
Moe Moghadasian Vanak International Properties
Mohamed Mansour *PREC Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Mona Lamarche Re/Max Westcoast
Monika Kazazi One Percent Realty Ltd.
Mony Young PREC* Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Morgan Browne Oakwyn Realty
Morteza Neeki Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Myron Slobogean Sutton Group - West Coast Realty
Nader Entezami Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Nadja Pasic RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Nagib Karim Rennie Associates Realty
Nancy Stern Sutton Grp-West Coast (w.blvd)
Nancy Wei Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Naseem Shivji Dexter Associates Realty
Nat Dhaliwal Royal LePage Global Force Realty
Natasha Marjanovic Oakwyn Realty
Natasha Mudaliar Team 3000 Realty
Naveed Parveen Real Estate Team *PREC Oakwyn Realty Ltd.
Navrose Rode Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Naz Owlia-Zadeh Team 3000 Realty Ltd. WVanMar
Neal Iverson *PREC RE/MAX Select Realty
Neeraj Sood RE/MAX Little Oak Realty
Neil Chahal PREC* Sutton Grp-West Coast (Brdwy)
Neil Higgins Hugh & McKinnon Realty Ltd.
Nicholas Chan Oakwyn Realty
Nick Moroso Dexter Associates Realty
Nicolas Blachette Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Niki Choi Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Niko Lambrinoudis TRG Residential Downtown Rlty
NIKOLA DJURIC Team 3000 Realty Ltd. (Bby)
Nirma Desai *PREC HomeLife Benchmark Titus Rlty
Nissim Samuel *PREC Sutton Seafair
Niva Chan Domicile Real Estate Corp.
Norm Hiller RE/MAX Central
Oksana Suvorova *PREC TRG Residential Downtown Rlty
Oleg Tsaryov Team 3000 Realty
Omid Khosravi *PREC Royalty Group Realty Group
Pam Allen RE/MAX Real Estate Services
Pamela Smith Sutton Group West Coast
Pansy Chen Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Paree Zahedi Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Parm Pooni Engel & Völkers Vancouver
Parveen Sandhu Remax City
Patricia Graham Dexter Associates Realty
Patricia Harrison Dexter Associates Realty
Patti Martin *PREC RE/MAX Westcoast
Paul Albrighton *PREC RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Paul Browne Macdonald Realty
Paul Chang Multiple Realty
paul erceg Sutton westcoast
Paul Huang Royal Pacific Riverside
Paul Jahn Sotheby's International Realty Canada
Paul Rickman RE/MAX Masters Realty
Paul Sohi Realty Executive Ecoworld
Paul Tan PREC* Selmak Realty Limited
Paul Toffoli The Residential Group Realty
Paul Vigano Oakwyn Realty
Paula Vendargon Royal LePage Sussex
Pauline Elliott Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Pauline Jones Sutton West Coast
Penelope Gable Macdonald Realty
Pete Shpak *PREC TAC Real Estate Corp.
Peter Carleton Re/Max Sabre Realty
Peter Dutton Sotheby's International Realty
Peter Kletas Sutton Group - West Coast
Peter Yoo Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Peter E. Smith Angell Hasman & Assoc.Rlty.Ltd
Pheobe Chan Vancouver Luxury Realty
Philip DuMoulin Sotheby's International Realty Canada
Philip Tung Presidio Professional Real Estate Services Inc
Philip Watkinson *PREC RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside)
Philip Zhang Nu Stream Realty Inc.
Phyllis Stelting Park Georgia Realty
Pradip Anand Amex Fraseridge Realty
Rachael Heron PREC* RE/MAX Crest Realty
Rachael MacLean Royal LePage City Centre
Rachel Heidary Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Rachhpal S Lalri Sutton Group - West Coast Realty
Raj Thind Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Rajeev Kainth RE/MAX Performance Realty
Raman Kooner *PREC Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Raman Lalli Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Randy Rinaldo Sutton Centre Realty
Randy and Eva Eckert *PREC Macdonald Realty
Rav Bains Re/Max West Coast
Ray (Reza) Kodabash Team 3000 Realty
Raymond Lu Homeland Realty
Rebecca Permack Royal LePage West Real Estate Services
Regent Park Realty *PREC Regent Park Realty Inc.
Renee Pelland Century 21 In-Town Realty
Renee Thomson Royal LePage Sussex (WVan)
Rhoda Chilcott Royal LePage - Northstar
Rhonda Davis RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Rhonda Ennis Dexter Associates Realty
Richard Chang Sutton West Coast Realty
Richard Chen Sutton WestCoast Realty
Richard Ferguson Park Georgia Realty Ltd.(Coq)
Richard Getty Macdonald Realty Ltd (Coq)
Richard Hill Amex Broadway West Realty
Richard Liu Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Rick Li Amex Broadway West Realty
Rick & Melissa Morgan Pace Realty Corp
Ricky Sanghera Century 21 Coastal Realty Ltd.
Rina Brown *PREC Royal LePage Sussex
Rob Zwick RE/MAX Crest Westside
Robert Matthews Remax City Abbott Street
Robert & Susie Alexander *PREC Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Rod MacKenzie Royal LePage Westside
Roloff Veld Evergreen West Realty
Romeo Di Pietra Park Georgia Realty
Ron Basra RE/MAX Select Realty
Ron Hamer-Jackson Royal LePage Sussex
Rose Kurysh TRG-The Residential Group Rlty
Rowena Delicana Team 3000 Realty Ltd. (Van)
Roy Pati Sutton WestCoast Realty
Roy Yang Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Ruby Jiang Thornhill Real Estate Group
Ruth Hanson sotheby's international realty
Ruthie Shugarman & Paige Kraft Dexter Associates Realty
Ryan Taylor RE/MAX Real Estate Services
Sadru & Salma Mitha Royal LePage Sussex
Saeedeh Salem Royalty Group Realty
Salina Lau-Veerman PREC* Prompton Real Estate Serv.Inc.
Sam Garman Royal LePage Sussex
Samuel Cheung Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Samuel Mao *PREC Nu Stream Realty Inc.
Sandi Campardo Royal LePage Wedt Real Estate Services
Sandra Craig Park Georgia Realty Ltd.(Coq)
Sandra Scott *PREC Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Sandy Kuo Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Sandy Perry Regency Realty Ltd. - Royal LePage
Sanjay Vyas Oakwyn Realty Ltd.
Sara Fakhari Macdonald Realty Vancouver (Downtown)
Sarah Dennis *PREC Sutton WestCoast Realty
Sarah Pouttu Prompton Real Estate Services Inc.
Sarah Vand Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Sarah Zhang *PREC RE/MAX Westcoast
Sarina Han *PREC Royal Pacific Realty Corp
Sarvenaz (Sarvy) Barghgir Prestige World Realty Inc.,Brokerage
Sat Panfer Homelife Lifetime
Scarlett Klee Prompton Real Estate Serv.Inc.
Scott Bancroft Royal LePage West R.E.S.
Scott Clarke *PREC Sutton Group - 1st West Realty
Scott Murray Sutton Group West Coast Realty
Scott Walker *PREC Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Sean Hulscher PREC* Angell Hasman & Assoc.Rlty.Ltd
Sean Lawson *PREC RE/MAX Westcoast - Steveston Real Estate
Sean Murty RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Seraphina Cheng Prompton Real Estate
Serge Sangha & Randi Sharan Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Sergei Volpov Royal Pacific Riverside Realty
Severo Dalla-Valle Oakwyn Realty Ltd.
Sevin Atilla Alliance First Realty
Shah Moghaddam RoyalLepage West
Shahin Behroyan RE/MAX Masters Realty
Shamina Ali Magsen Realty
Shannon Cooney Royal LePage Westside
Shannon M. Rickman RE/MAX Crest Realty
Shannon McComb RE/MAX Results Realty (MplRdg)
Sharene Shuster Sutton Grp-West Coast (w.blvd)
Sharman Wieser Royal LePage Sussex
Sharon L. Lum *PREC RE/MAX Select Properties
Sharon Lawson CIR REALTY
Shauna Gold *PREC Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Shaune Bowers TRG - The Residential Group
Shawna Lo *PREC Macdonald Realty Westmar
Sheila Stern Coldwell Banker Premier Realty
Shelley Cunningham RE/MAX Select Realty
Shelley Lederman Macdonald Realty
Shelly Chen Homeland Realty
Sheri Keenan RE/MAX Select Properties
Sherry Ojagh *PREC Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Shinder Gill - PREC RE/MAX Little Oak Realty
Shirin Hashtroudi Royal LePage Sussex (Van)
Shirley Louie TRG realty
Shirley Norton Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Shirley Yeung Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Shirley Zelinski Coldwell Banker Tri-Tel Realty
Shirley B Sun *PREC RE/MAX Masters Realty
Shreena Sharma RE/MAX Performance Realty
Sibo Zhang RE/MAX Crest Westside (VanW7)
Sid Rosenberg Homeland Realty
Silvia Hong New Coast Realty
Simmy Sandhu Dexter Associates RealtyVanHmr
Simon Clayton Macdonald Realty
Sina Anoushfar Royal Pacific Rlty. (Kingsway)
Sisi Li (Royal PacificRealty) Royal Pacific Realty Kingsway
Sofia Gorenstein TRG Residential Downtown Rlty
Sonia Poldrugo Remax Central
Sonny Sidhho Sutton Group - West Coast Realty
Sophia Cai Royal Pacific Realty
Sophia Gee RE/MAX Central
Sophia Myint Sincere Real Estate Services
Spencer Cotton Dexter Associates Rlty (VanMn)
Spomenka Nikic Sutton Centre Realty
Stacey Dyck Homelife Benchmark (Langley)
Stacey Greatrex RE/MAX Progroup Realty
Stella Carmona Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Stephanie Orr Royal LePage Sussex
Steve Buchsbaum Macdonald Realty Westmar
Steve Davis Park Georgia Realty Ltd.
Steve Dunbar RE/MAX Select Realty
Steve Kleiner Sutton Centre Realty
Steve Taylor Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Steven Goodwin Park Georgia Realty (NWest)
Steven Oei RE/MAX Real Estate Services
Steven Tse Macdonald Realty
Steven Yee Sutton
Sue Anderson Sutton WestCoast Realty
Sue Scott Royal LePage Sussex
Sukh Brar RE/MAX Colonial Pacific Realty Ltd.
Suman and Poonam Bains HomeLife Benchmark Realty (Langley) Corp.
Summer Yao Wang Sutton Group West Coast Realty
SUNIL DHIR Amex - Fraseridge Realty
Suraj Rai Regent Park Realty Inc.
Surinder Holat Dexter Associates-Kerrisdale
Susan Ackerman Coldwell Banker
Susan Green Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Susan Ninow Royal LePage Westside
Susan and Peter Clayton-Carroll *PREC RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Suzanne Wheeler *PREC Team 3000 Realty
Suzanne Zanikos Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Sydney Deng Royal Pacific Oakridge
T.J. Almodovar Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Tammy Jin *PREC Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Tammy Tsui MacDonald Realty
Tanya Jakubec Century 21
Tanya Urban Sutton Grp-West Coast Realty
Tara Shave *PREC Sutton Group - West Coast Realty
Tariq Malik New Coast Realty
Taylan Altiok Sutton Group West Coast Realty Broadway
Team 3000 Realty Team 3000 Realty Ltd.
Team Nickerson RE/MAX Real Estate Services
Team [Re]Think with Darcy S. *PREC Keller Williams Elite Realty
Tej Sandhu RE/MAX City Realty
Teresa Chung Widelink Realty Corp.
Teresa De Cotiis *PREC RE/MAX Masters Realty Ltd.
TERESA WONG Royal Pacific Realty Corp.
Terry Osti *PREC RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Terry Vato RE/MAX Central
THE BOTTO TEAM Royal LePage Sussex
The Christies Real Estate Team RE/MAX All Points Realty Grp.
The Go Team Dexter Associates Realty
Theo Birkner VPG Realty Inc
Thomas Chang Royal Pacific Realty
Thuy Dinh RE/MAX Masters Realty
Tim Russell RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Tim Slater *PREC Sotheby's International Realty
Tim Walters Sutton Grp-West Coast (Brdwy)
Tim Rohwer and Sharon Rohwer Royal LePage Regency Realty Ltd.
Tina Oliver Dexter Associates Realty
Toby & Christina Edgar Royal LePage Sussex
Tom Hassan Royal LePage Sussex
Toni L. Pohl PREC* Sutton Grp-West Coast (Brdwy)
Tony Chan Re/Max Central
Tony Fakhari Sutton Group West Coast Realty (West Van)
Tony Niazi Royal Pacific Realty
Tony Rossetti RE/MAX Rossetti Realty
Tony Yuen Sutton Group West Coast
Tracey Clermont Kore Realty Central
Tracy Oetelaar CIR REALTY
Trevor Conn PREC* RE/MAX Masters Realty
Trisha Murphy Sutton Group - Seafair Realty
Tyler Barrs *PREC Team 3000 Realty
Tyler Remington CIR REALTY
Umair Lasi CIR Realty
Umar Muta ReMax Crest Westside
Ursula Simpson Sutton West Coast Realty Ltd.
Vancity Lofts Blu Living
Veronika Kryvchun Royal LePage Sussex (WVan)
Vesna Todic Infinite Real Estate Services
Vessie Chela Remax Masters
Vick Lam PREC* Coldwell Banker Westburn Rlty.
Vijay Virk Macdonald Realty
Vikas Anand *PREC RE/MAX Westcoast
Vincent Lim RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside)
Vivian Harvey Royal LePage Sussex (WVan)
Vivian Lin Sotheby's Int'l Realty Canada
Vivian Yu Oakwyn Realty Ltd.
Wallis Lee Sutton Max Realty and Property Management
Wayne Dick Remax All Points
Wayne Kim Hanna Realty Ltd.
Wayne Ryan RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside)
Wei Cheng Oakwyn Realty
Wen Wang PREC* Amex - Sunrich Realty
Wendy Milligan RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside
Wendy Mills RE/MAX
Wendy Tian *PREC Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Wendy Zhao *PREC Re/Max Masters Realty
Wendy Toban & Jim Gould Sutton Group - West Coast Realty
Weny B. Wu Royal Pacific Tri-Cities Rlty
Wesley Yu Sutton Group-West Coast Realty
Whitney Lewis *PREC Macdonald Realty Ltd.
Will McKitka Penthouse Only Macdonald Realty
Will McKitka and Erin Mulhern Shaughnessy Living - Shaughnessy Homes F Macdonald Realty
William Hong Royal Pacific Tri-Cities Rlty
William Qian Magsen Realty Inc.
William Wang Re/Max Metro Realty (Van)
Wilson Chiu RE/MAX Westcoast
Yannica Dai Magsen Realty Inc.
Yi Zhang Sincere Real Estate Services Ltd.
Yvonne Drinovz *PREC Delta Realty Services Ltd.
Yvonne Lu Royal Pacific Realty Corp