June 28th, 2017

5 Simple Strategies to Boost Organic Growth on Facebook

Organic growth on Facebook is dead.

At least, that’s what a lot of experts say. But it’s not true.

If you know a few strategies and take a couple of minutes out of your day, you can increase your Facebook following organically.

Sure, it’s not as fast as advertising, but it’s free. And organic growth often brings in higher quality leads than advertising.

So here are five simple strategies you can use to gain that growth.

1.          Change Your Cover

Change your cover image regularly, and comment on the image. If you have a call to action on your cover page you can include a URL in the comments.

So, just say you landed a lucrative new listing. You can put a professional photograph of that listing on your cover page.

Then, post a description of the image along with a link to the listing and the location. Not sure how? Just click on the image after you’ve saved it.

2.          Comment on Your Posts

This might sound crazy, but if you comment on your own posts within a few minutes of them going live, Facebook extends their reach.

You see, the Facebook algorithm kicks in and sees that someone has commented on the post soon after it was posted. It thinks, “this post must be popular!” and shares it more widely than it would otherwise.

It doesn’t matter that you’re the one who’s commented, Facebook just sees it as a comment.

So, when you’re posting try and save a little bit of information. Then you can comment with something like, “I forgot to mention that this home also has …”

3.          Comment as Your Page

Social media is a social platform, and you can extend your reach if you interact as your page. So, look for businesses in your target area and interact with them online – as your page.

This is similar to what people do in person when they’re networking. They support each other. You’re just doing the same thing online.

The great thing is that you’re supporting the other businesses owner while also raising awareness of your business. Cafes and restaurants are great places to comment, but you can look for any business that posts regularly and has a few hundred followers (the more likes and comments on their posts, the better – that shows you their audience in engaged).

So, how do you comment as your page? Simply click the little down arrow next to your image (see the image below) and Facebook will show you all the pages you’re authorised to comment as.

The only drawback is that you can only do this on desktop.

4.          Use a 411 Plan.

Here’s the classic mistake that real estate agents make on social media. They post their listings, and that’s all.

That might be interesting for you, but it’s not interesting for your audience. Instead, use a 411 strategy.

That is, 4 entertaining posts, 1 soft promotion, then 1 hard promo with a link to a web page. And be strategic.

If your target audience is first home buyers, then entertaining posts might involve budget-saving renovations, or how to save up for your first home. But if you’re targeting luxury home buyers, you might want to include articles on how to declutter, or on luxury interior decorating ideas.

And be strategic with your promotional posts. For example, you might want to save your hard promotional post for the end of the week, to publicise a new open home.

5.          Post Consistently

Get into the habit of posting consistently, at least once a day at about the same time each day. This way your audience knows when you’re online

You’re also demonstrating commitments, reliability and professionalism.

And you thought it was ‘just social media’, hunh? No, it’s a platform to showcase your communications skills!


Start Boosting Your Growth

But wait. There’s one other thing we forgot to mention.

Social media is all about how you look. You need to look professional, polished and dependable. And the way to do that is with professional photographs.

When your listings look gorgeous and inviting you’ll attract more potential buyers

Now that you have all the skills and knowledge you need, you just need a little commitment. Take a few minutes each day to interact with other businesses online, and to plan your next post.

Be sure you’ve got beautiful images of your listings, and you’re using them to your advantage – like on your cover page. Post engaging content along with your listings, and post consistently.

Before long you’ll have a tribe of loyal followers eager to buy!