May 17th, 2017

A picture is worth a thousand words…but a killer listing description will effectively turn browsers into ready-to-buy-ers.

However, it’s all too easy to write a boring, dull narrative that describes a property brick by brick. Potential buyers aren’t looking for a list of features that reads like a car manual.

But, where do you begin?

To get you started, here are our top 3 tips for writing listing descriptions that generate many enquiries – and help you close more sales!

1. List Valuable Features First

Attention spans are short these days, so it’s vital to keep in mind that the first few words of your description will keep viewers reading – or drive them away.

Ask yourself these questions: Why is this property unique? What gives this place special appeal? Why would someone love to live here?

Decide which two or three features are of most value to your ideal audience and put them at the beginning of your description. This way you ensure that your listing will capture your reader’s attention and hold it right through to your contact details, encouraging them to reach out and get in touch.

For example: If a house has an expansive back yard in an area that’s crowded with high rise complexes, or a penthouse apartment has beautiful views of a nearby national park, make sure these features are one of the first things you list.

2. Follow Features With Benefits

Nothing sounds blander than an overly generalised listing. Phrases like “large front yard,” “beautiful landscaping,” or “wonderful neighbourhood” might be true and correct, but are lacking in detail.

But if you describe the benefit of each feature for your reader, you’ll tap directly into their imagination. This encourages them to imagine themselves living in their new home.

For example: Instead of “large front yard,” write “expansive front yard with plenty of space for your kids to run around.” And in place of “wonderful neighbourhood,” write “quiet, picturesque neighbourhood ideal for leisurely evening strolls.”

The benefit of each feature is what captures attention and draws your reader deeper into your listing description.

3. Use Your Thesaurus

Many words are incredibly useful in embellishing a listing description. But how many times can you use the words “captivating,” “luxurious,” or “beautiful” without sounding like you’re just repeating yourself, line after line after line?

The solution is to grab your nearest thesaurus or to use an online one. This handy reference tool is packed full of synonyms which can help you generate plenty of new ideas and plenty of fresh, vibrant sentences.

Just look up the word you’re thinking to use, and it will provide you with a list of 3-10 (or even more!) words or phrases that share a similar meaning.

For example: Try replacing the word “luxurious” with “extravagant” or “grand”; substitute “splendid” or “beautiful” with “exquisite,” “enchanting,” or “magnificent.”

The next time you set out to write a listing description, try out these top tips. You’ll notice their impact immediately!

And when you team killer listing descriptions with first-class images, your listings virtually walk out the door.