May 10th, 2017

Don’t you wish your clients could do a virtual walkthrough of homes so you don’t waste your time or theirs showing them homes in person that they won’t want anyway?

With Matterport, you don’t have to wish anymore. You can give your clients a three-dimensional walkthrough of all your listed homes. (Click to Tweet)

With this new technology, your clients can see nearly every detail of a home to help them decide if they want to see the home in person.

Make Your Clients Feel Like They’re Already Home

Matterport’s breakthrough technology allows your clients to immerse themselves in the virtual tour. It’s as if they could tour the home in person.

Its 360-degree view gives clients a chance to get up-close with all the home’s features. Viewers can turn around, walk up stairs and peek into corners, just as they could with an in-person tour.

Want your clients to see how easy it is to go from a home’s laundry room to your closet? With a virtual tour, they can.

Do your clients want to know how your listing’s kitchen makes it easy for them to prepare, cook, and clean up? With a virtual, 360-degree tour, clients can “walk” through a home to test it for ease of movement before they even ask to see it in person.

For elderly or disabled home buyers, or for those with small children, a virtual tour can give them the peace of mind they need to put a home on their short list.

Once your clients have a virtual tour and select homes to view in person, they’ll be primed to buy. Matterport technology makes your clients feel like they’re already home.

Get More Listings with Virtual Reality Tours

When you have to compete with all the huge real estate firms in the area, you need to knock the socks off potential clients so they’ll choose you to list their home. Call your Matterport service provider to create a portfolio of your existing listings to show new clients.

When you pull out your tablet to show them how you can showcase their home with a stunning 3-D virtual walkthrough, they’ll be ready to sign before you even finish. It’s that good.

Spread the Word with the Touch of a Button

Once you have their listing, clients will want you to get it out to potential buyers as soon as possible. With Matterport’s cloud-based hosting, all you need to do is to embed a simple code or add a link.

You can instantly send it to all the major listing services, feature it on your listing page, and share it with potential buyers from your local market and across Canada.

Real estate agents in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Kelowna can now attract clients who need to relocate from other areas. With a virtual walkthrough, you have a better chance to attract clients who don’t have the time to traipse through countless homes when they’re in town.

Showcase Your Listings with a Virtual Walkthrough

Not every photographer has the chops to deliver when it comes to virtual walkthroughs. Choose one with a solid real estate background and you’ll have someone with not only the talent to produce dazzling visuals, but also someone who knows what buyers look for in a home.

With Pixilink’s team of Matterport experts and their easy-access real estate agents’ app, you can be sure you’ll come out on top in today’s competitive market. To find out how virtual tours can boost your business to the next level, call Pixilink today.