February 22nd, 2017

What’s Facebook got to do with selling real estate?

Well, if you’re not using social media as a business tool, you’re missing out on thousands of potential clients.

The latest statistics show that Facebook is fast approaching 2 billion users worldwide. In Canada, the figure is 19 million – or more than half the population.

More than 7 in 10 Canadians visit Facebook at least twice a week, many of them at least twice a day. If you believe it’s all about happy holiday snaps or funny cat videos or what we’re having for dinner, you’re wrong.

Social media is more than just the social stuff. It’s your opportunity to connect your business with your clients and with your clients’ friends, and with their friends, and …the potential is endless.

Here are some simple strategies to get Facebook working for you.

1.          Earn Their Trust

Your Facebook posts can offer tips about selling, buying, presenting, pricing, marketing, financing, moving, settling in to a new district – all the expertise and experience you offer clients every day.

The important thing is to provide information of value to your audience. Talk about trends in the industry – the economic climate, time to sell or buy or invest, modern marketing methods, or using drone photography.

The trick is to keep your name in front of the people who might become your clients. When someone out there is thinking of buying or selling real estate, you want them to get in touch with you.

2.          Go Visual

Facebook and Instagram are visual sites. The picture tells a thousand words.

This is just fine because real estate is a visual industry, one where the emotional appeal will depend on the quality of the image. (Click to Tweet)

Pixilink Solutions can help you get the very best images so you stand out as a professional online, and your listings look so good they virtually sell themselves.

3.          Do It Daily

Facebook and all social media sites are hungry beasts. They need feeding often.

You need to upload your posts on a daily basis so that your clients have something new to look at. A few minutes a day is all that it takes. Your followers won’t get tired of you if your news is interesting, pertinent, and useful.

If not useful today, it may be useful tomorrow when the person reading your post will remember you. And that’s how you gain new clients.

4.          Paid Marketing

Social media sites make money from marketing, advertising and sponsorship.

You don’t have to pay money because a lot of exposure can be gained for free. But the paid route can add something extra.

There’s a whole range of options when it comes to paid advertising. Canadian-born social media consultant Mari Smith is worth a visit if you’re looking for advice.

So what are you waiting for? Get Facebook marketing your business and promoting your listings, 24 hours a day.