March 23rd, 2015

Our last blog post introduced our new quadcopter with an emphasis on inspiring emotions. This week we wanted to delve a little deeper into the concept of selling emotions with some samples to help guide you.

People buy emotions, not products. Text heavy magazine ads of the past have been replaced with large photos of breathtaking locations and intimate moments. Car commercials on television sell a lifestyle and a feeling more than the number of seats or fuel economy. Viewers remember the feeling they get from an ad more than a feature or product specification. Happiness, adventure, inspiration, power and success are all feelings that are bought and sold everyday through cars, foods, furniture, jewelry, skin care products etc.

So why are homes still primarily advertised in square feet, number of rooms or number of features? Where’s the emotion in an listing description?

The emotions of a home can only be passed on to a buyer in reality or through photos and video. Creative imaging techniques can emphasize that “wow” factor when seeing a home for the first time that just can’t be described in writing. Video can capture the sounds of nature, the way the wind blows through the trees, or the way the sun paints the living room gold at sunset. These details create the emotions that a buyer will forever associate with a home, and subsequently want to purchase.

Some of the most common tricks to add emotion to a home is to photograph it at a more pleasing time of day such as twilight or sunset. Another way is to photograph or video from high up, a view people aren’t used to seeing when looking for a home. Dramatic light, a new perspective or professional staging all sell a lifestyle rather than specifications. Below are a few examples of dramatic photos or video that we’ve taken that add emotion to a listing. Use these tricks to sell a lifestyle rather than a house.

Twilight Photography


Sunset Photography


Aerial Photography