July 25th, 2018

There’s no doubt about it.

Running a real estate business is stressful.

You’re constantly looking for leads, constantly negotiating deals, and constantly on the go. And all too often you make sacrifices.

You know you should go to the gym or eat healthy meals, but that often becomes the last thing on your priority list.

It’s OK. It happens to the best agents.

But the combination of never-ending pressure, poor nutrition and lack of exercise can take its’ toll. And you need to take care of yourself.

Here’s why. You are you’re the most valuable asset in your business.

Without you operating at your best, your business will struggle to survive, let alone thrive. And you need to be calm, even under pressure, to operate at your best.

Rather than continuing to let the pressure build up, reach for your phone to help you slow down. These apps will help you feel more centred and ready to take on whatever your day throws at you.


1.  Pause

Pause was created by Peng Cheng after suffering stress so severe he couldn’t work, and it’s quite different from other meditation apps.

Pause is interactive. You slowly move your finger around the screen in any pattern.

The slower and more deliberately you move the bigger the colour splotch grows but move too fast and it shrinks again.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can also use it in your pocket by gently swaying or use it to help you find the perfect pace for a relaxing walk.

Pause is available on iOS and Android.


2.  Happify

Happify will help you discover your happiness score and start improving it using games, quotes, audio tracks and articles.

This app uses tools and programs to help you take control of your thoughts and feelings. The techniques harness the power of mindfulness, cognitive behaviour therapy and positive psychology.

They say that 86% of frequent users get happier in two months.

Happify is available on iOS and Android.


3.  Headspace

This app helps you learn to meditate and live mindfully and has bite-sized meditations, exercises “in case of sudden meltdowns” and hundreds of themed sessions on different topics.

Headspace is available on Android and iOS


4.  Omvana

Omvana by MindValley is like a media player and marketplace for meditation tracks. There is a great range of free meditations for sleep and relaxation that range from 30 seconds to 20 minutes and you can mix tracks together.

They also offer tracks to help you live an inspirational life or get laser-sharp focus, so you achieve your goals.

Omvana is available on iOS, Android and your desktop.


5.  Pacifica

Pacifica provides tools to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and is uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques and mindfulness.

As well as relaxation, this app can record your mood throughout the day, and track your sleep, exercise and other health activities.

Pacifica is available on Android and iOS.


6.  MindMeister

MindMeister isn’t a mediation tool but it can help you clear your mind by visualising your thoughts. Before you can relax, you often need to capture ideas and that’s where this tool comes in.

MindMeister is a mind mapping tool that allows you to create visuals of your thoughts, to unclutter your mental traffic. Great for brainstorming, note taking, and project planning and for storing or sharing your ideas with others.

MindMeister is available for iOS, Android and web.


7.  Buddhify

Buddhify claims to be the only meditation app designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. It’s designed for meditation on the go and features 80 guided meditations (in soothing British voices).

The app has meditations for dealing with work breaks, walking, stress, waking up, going to sleep and a range of topics for kids too. Sessions last from 4 minutes to 30 minutes so you’re sure to be able to squeeze one into your day.

Buddhify is available on iOS or Android.


Hello Zen

So now you have no excuse for blowing a fuse. Instead, with the use of some of these tools you’ll be so relaxed you’ll be oozing peace and calm.

And it will rub off on everyone around you, making them calmer and more peaceful too.

Just like that, it will be “Goodbye stress” and “Hello, Zen”.