November 29th, 2018

Pixilink Flash Photography vs. True-Colour HDR

Pixilink Solutions’ Photography Team offers two distinct types of photography: our high-quality, True-Colour HDR photography and our newest, streamlined Flash photography product.

These products differ in a few key ways:

  • Flash photography captures a space using single shots for each angle, lit by an on-camera flash. True-Colour HDR captures a space by blending a number of shots per-angle, and blending it with an additional flash shot to show the “True Colour” of the space.

  • Flash photography does not require a tripod and time on-site can be expedited. True-Colour HDR photography requires a tripod for every shot.

  • Processing (retouching) time is reduced for Flash photography; processing True-Colour HDR images is more labour intensive and requires more time.

What does this mean in terms of quality?

Both types of photography are taken by professional real estate photographers that work extensively with Pixilink, which means you are getting quality images shot by industry professionals.

In technical terms, True-Colour HDR yields the highest quality images, and is the best method for all lighting scenarios. Flash photography yields images that consistently meet Pixilink’s established standards of quality, but may be less versatile in challenging lighting situations.

Why is Flash Photography cheaper?

Because Flash photography requires less time to shoot and to process overall, this means reduced costs, which we pass along to our clients. All listings need listing photography; Flash photography is a more economical choice.

What should I choose?

That depends on you, your listing, and what you want from your photos. We know all listings are equal, but some listings are more equal than others.

Flash Photography Sample

True-Colour HDR Sample

  • If you’re shooting a staged property, new build, or larger space, True-Colour HDR photography is definitely the way to go. This will ensure the listing is shown in its best light.
  • If it’s a tenanted unit, an older suite, or a tear-down, or maybe if you’re debating even getting photography at all, Flash photography may be the most economical choice.