April 12th, 2017

There’s never enough hours in the day, are there?

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned real estate pro, chances are you’re short on the same thing. Time.

If they bottled the stuff, you’d happily buy it. Sadly, there’s no one who sells more hours in the day (not ethically, anyway!)

But we have the next best thing. Time-saving tools to save you hours.

Better than that, they’ll make you more efficient, more effective and you’ll look uber-professional to boot.

So grab your smartphone and let’s get you set up.

1.     Open Home Pro

You can put an end to squinting and trying to decipher handwriting while typing out contact details. This handy app does it all.

Open Home Pro allows you to capture names and contact information on your mobile device, making you look professional because you’re using the latest technology. But wait, there’s more (as they say in the classics).

It will even send visitors a follow-up email containing your contact details after the open house, and send you a list of leads that don’t have an agent or have a home to sell so that you can follow them up.

2.     DocuSign

DocuSign is the world’s most popular and trusted electronic signature software, and they offer a special edition for realtors.

DocuSign will save you time getting signatures because it enables people all around the world to electronically sign documents, agreements, and contracts on any device and in any time zone. It’s easy and convenient, but it’s not just about getting signatures.

You can keep track of all your documents in a transaction, which increases efficiency, and the special edition allows realtor branding.

3.     Vert

Turn your smartphone into an all-in-one converter for whenever you need to deal with tricky conversions.

Need to convert volume, length, size, weight, or even currency? It’s quick and easy with this Vert.

4.     Voxer

Instead of spending time typing out text messages, or trying to track people down on the phone use this walkie-talkie app. Speak in real time or leave messages for anyone with no phone costs.

It saves time, it’s secure, and it’s easy to use. Sending voice messages also allows you to create a personal connection with your contacts.

5.     Any.Do

You have a bazillion things to remember, and that’s on a good day. And remembering things is not only stressful, but it also leaves the gate open for things to be forgotten.

Enter Any.Do. The best to-do app and task manager available. It’s easy to use, syncs across all devices, shares lists and allows you to assign tasks to others. It even has an assistant to take care of some tasks for you!


6.     CamCard

Ditch that old Rolodex that sits on your desk and keep your business cards at your fingertips. CamCard accurately reads cards in 16 languages, allows you to batch scan all your paper cards to cut down on clutter, and you can easily exchange e-cards with people nearby.

You can even add meeting notes with texts or images, set reminders and synchronise cards across smartphones, tablets and the web app.

7.     Pixilink

Stop spending hours coordinating schedules between clients and real estate photographers, or worse, snapping second-rate images of your listings yourself. Just open the Pixilink app, pick the package you want and they’ll take it from there.

Worried about quality? Don’t be. Pixilink have been providing consistent quality, reliability, and competitive pricing since 2003.

Pixilink is a convenient, time-saving tool for busy real estate agents who want their listings to stand out.


Now you have seven killer apps to save you time. Download them now and get them on your devices.

You’ll have your contacts at your fingertips, documents signed securely and electronically, your to-do list taken care of, and your listings photographed in the blink of an eye.

Take the time to get organised today, so you’ll have more time tomorrow.