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A personalized website allows you to showcase your sales abilities as well as your client's properties.

Online presence, available at the level you require. Our full range of websites take you from starter template sites with no startup fee to fully customized sites to suit your needs and image individually. You can change as many as 20 different settings including your colour, background, fonts, text, look and feel as often as you like at no charge with our personal website designer interface.

Package Details


$45 Monthly Hosting


$2500+ Design & Set-Up
$45 Monthly Hosting
The Ultimate Package: Looking for an absolute unique & custom website? Get a FREE consultation on us!

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  Starter Custom
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Set-up fee FREE $2500
Monthly fee $45 $45
Design options included 1 Custom Design
Home page layout options included 2 Custom Design
Preset colour options available
Reciprocity search available
Custom home page/inner page design available
Load multiple agents 1 3
Add-ons available
Mobile site
Upload custom banner available
Template home page available
Site builder
Site editor
Free training on website builder
Support by email/phone
(M-F 9-5PST)
Automatic listing management*
MLS listing map*
Admin panel
Web stats
Upload personal logo (stored on client profile but not displayed on starter themes)
Automatically uploaded Pixilink photography and floor plan products
Branding integration
Custom header available
Inner pages plus blog unlimited unlimited
Active listings unlimited unlimited
Samples View Samples View Samples
*The above packages are subject to Pixilink Solutions' Terms and Conditions. Setup does not include any design work. Additional design work that exceeds the package quote will be billed hourly at $100/hour. Personal Portraits must be provided by client.


Facebook "LIKE" button $25
Portrait integrated into banner $25
Blog Widget $50
Widget replacement $50
Twitter Feed Widget $50
Translate Button $50
Reciprocity searches (includes custom reciprocity searches, text only) ) $50/ea
Set up Google Apps Email Account + user pays Google charges $50/year or $5/month per user $75
Custom colours $200
Facebook page banner design $250
Custom header (banner design) $250
Custom Reciprocity Widget (graphic on homepage) $100
Custom Reciprocity Widget with headings $150
Custom Widget (displaying page content within a Widget) $100
Menu 2 Widget $50
MailChimp Widget (requires MailChimp account)
Market News Widget $50
Newsletter Widget $50
Widget to choose specific properties to show on homepage $50
Testimonials Widget $50
Domain name registration $25
Domain name renewal $25
Setup MailChimp account $50